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Do you have an idea of what you want, but can't seem to find it anywhere else? Our team of carpenters are here to turn your idea into reality! We have a range of standard builds that can be customized, or we can start from scratch with a consultation. Try our "Built To Budget" option; give us your budget, and we'll tell you what we can create.

-Custom Furniture Gallery

Lola Gold Croc Sofa


Most of our furniture is available for refinishing or reupholstery, or we can give one of your pieces a makeover!

  • Basic cleaning/repair - $35

  • Paint (1 color) - $15/sq. ft.

  • Paint (2+ colors) - $25/sq. ft.

  • Light refinish - $35/sq. ft.

  • Full refinish (sand/stain) - $50/sq. ft.

  • Reupholstery - Varies


Andee's partners with a number of talented local artists, many of whom are available for custom work. Check for the custom work bubble on an Artist Page, or ask a staff member for more information.

-Become an Andee's Artist


3D printing allows us create almost anything we can imagine. Our printer features the largest-in-class build platform with ultra high-resolution, a rainbow of colors, and in your choice of either plastic or wood. 


Furniture Rental

Andee’s furniture at TPAN’s booth at USCA2018. Visit to learn more about TPAN.

Andee’s furniture at TPAN’s booth at USCA2018. Visit to learn more about TPAN.

Rent furniture from Andee’s for your next event. Our eclectic pieces are guaranteed to make a statement, and fit within almost any budget. Plus, we deliver!

  • Sofas and large tables- $50/day

  • Coffee tables and chairs- $40/day

  • Lamps and small decor- $10/day

  • Wall art- Varies by artist





*Delivery pricing=$25/per piece+ $1 for every mile outside of 10 mile store radius.