Artist and Curator meeting Recap


Hello Artists & Curators

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend our meeting and thanks to all of you for being a part of our collective. This email is a recap of what was discussed at the meeting as well as some pertinent info for all of you about how we will be moving forward as an organization. 


1. Blog

In an effort to increase organic traffic to our website and all our social media profiles we will be starting a blog for our website. We are looking for contributors. Your contributions don’t have to be regular and as long as they are related to what we do as a company, the related industries or what you as an artists and curators do, it will welcome and celebrated. As contributors to the blog you are also welcome to list your own social media and websites to generate more traffic for yourselves as well. If you’re interested in contributing you can sign up via the artist portal starting Nov 20th or you can contact us at the store.


2. Wiggle room

Some of you have seen that we have started offering sales and discounts on some of the items in the store. As of right now because of the agreement most of you have signed we aren’t able to apply those sale prices to you. For that reason we have changed the agreement to give us the ability to, at our discretion,  reduce the price of your items by no more than 30%. We also hope to have a “Doorbuster Sale” for black friday. Some of you have already signed this new agreement for those that haven’t we will be sending/have sent you E-sign agreements and notices of termination of the old agreement. You all have the option to opt out if you wish. 


3. Services

Moving into the holiday season we expect to see an uptick in requests for services across the board. We haven’t had much success with the way we’ve been doing the custom books so we are going to change the way they are created and shared with the public. We are going to put more signage in the store about services of our artist and those of you interested in services we are going to create a webpage for you as well as the book in store. Instead of having you create books we’ll just ask for information from you and create the books and webpages on your behalf.


4. Artist portal

There is a portion of our company website ( that is your access point for the company and each other ( Only Artist and curators can access this part of our site using the password; And33sTS. Starting on November 20 the artist portal will have sections for each artist to see there current inventory and sales to date.  Several of you, especially Marc Smith, have helped us spread the word about this place and in an effort to make that easier the Artist portal will also contain a page contains all pertinent info including social media links, logos, company information, and more. We will also add a contact list for the artists currently in house. If you wish to be excluded from this contact list please let us know. You can visit the artist portal anytime you wish but all these features won’t go live until Nov 20th.



Kenneth Hardy

CEO, Owner

And33’s Thrift Shop LLC.


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