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Come create with us!

Andee's is an eclectic marketplace in Orlando, FL where you’ll find local art & crafts, thrifty treasures, custom-built furniture, antiques, curiosities, and more.

Our brand centers itself around Orlando’s local artists & curators who share our mission to actively inspire and foster beauty in the world. We provide our members with a platform to sell their goods and services, along with a place to collaborate and network with other creative minds.

Our store is constantly growing and changing, so you never know what you might find inside. Click here to learn about consignment.

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We’re always looking for talented new artists & creators to join our collective. Take our questionnaire to get started!


Custom Furniture 

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Handcrafted just for you.

We create custom furniture, repurpose, refinish, and reupholster. Bring us one of your pieces, or upgrade one of ours. We believe everyone deserves access to quality furniture, and with our built-to-budget option, we’ll create the perfect piece for you (and your wallet).

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