Custom Work

by Erica Calder

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Hello, and thank you for your interest in ordering a custom-made product by Erica Calder! These are the types of products currently available for a custom order.

Nameplate Mini-Mural

  • $35 flat fee for a 3-4" round wooden ornament with the animal and name of the customer's choice. Background color & ribbons can also be customized. 
  • 2 weeks to complete.
  • Character limit is <20. 

Customized Adult Mala                          

  • $85 for materials and labor, unless the gemstone is supplied by customer
  • Pricing ultimately calculated by market value and accessibility of gemstones *if only colors are specified for cord and preferred gemstones, price will remain at $85
  • 3 weeks or longer to complete, depending on material availability

Small Portrait on Wood

  •  $75 for materials/labor
  • 12-16" wooden panel
  • Choose a feminist hero, animal, historical great, OR provide photographs of the subject
  •  3 weeks to complete