“How Do You Get This Stuff?”

And Other Consignment Info


How does consignment work?

If we like what you've got, we’ll enter into a consignment agreement for 90 days. We keep a percentage of each sale and pay out the rest at the beginning of each month. For the best rates, we ask consigners to catalog their own items using our online Inventory Form. Rates vary depending on whether you’re classified as an artist/creator or a curator.

Cataloging can be done on the consigners behalf for a higher rate. Items that do not sell within the consignment period must be reduced in price significantly or removed from our shop within 7 business days.

Interested in joining our new co-op? Click here for details.

How do you get your stuff?

Besides the treasures we’ve gathered for the shop, customers, curators, and creators approach us to sell their items on consignment, and on occasion we’ll pay up front for items we think are exceptionally neat and noteworthy. We also accept walk-in donations that fall in line with our mission, and give 10% off vouchers to customers who donate clothing or books.

Artists and creators may apply to join our co-op or to consign their items with us here.

Click here to learn more about our new co-op!

I have a ton of cool stuff I want to get rid of, can I just bring it in?

Since our space is limited, we ask potential consigners to refrain from bringing in item(s) without first sending us pictures of the item(s). Pictures can be sent to 321-300-4083, or info@and33s.com.

Messages should include: 1. Your name, 2. Whether you’d like to donate, consign, or sell outright, and 3. How much you want for the item(s). Please wait for a response before bringing in any items. We cannot guarantee walk-in consignment, and do NOT hold items for evaluation. If you’re looking for a more longterm relationship with us—artists and creators, that’s you!—please take our questionnaire.

What kinds of stuff do you take?

Here's a breakdown:

Items We Take

- Wood furniture 

- Antique/vintage/retro furniture

- Books (good condition)

- Gently used clothes (vintage/retro/unusual preferred)

- Vinyl/VHS/CDs/DVDs/Blu-Ray

- Cool creations 

- Glassware

- Toys/stuffed animals in good condition

- Collectibles

- Jewelry/accessories/purses 

- Lamps

- Video games

- Seasonal goods 

- Unused art/craft supplies

- Musical instruments (working or otherwise)

Items We Won’t Take

- Most pressed wood furniture

- Anything with mold, pests, rot, or severe damage*

- Appliances/most electronics

- Broken glassware

- Torn and/or noticeably stained clothes and accessories

- Overly scuffed/worn shoes

- Laptops/phone accessories 

- Used socks, lingerie, underwear, etc. 

- Most kids clothing (unless it’s really weird)

- Used personal care items

- Makeup/hair products

- Beds/mattresses

* Furniture in this state may be DONATED only and by appointment


I’m not great with technology, can you come to my house to look at/pickup items?

We completely understand. If we’re interested in an item you’ve described, we’ll schedule a time to visit. Pick-ups are subject to our normal delivery rates, and are scheduled based on availability. 

I’m an artist or creator, and I want to sell my stuff here on a regular basis. How do I do that, and what are you looking for?

We’re always looking for artists and creators to join us! We accept applications on a rolling basis at www.and33s.com/joinand33s. In the future, new member applications will be handled by our creative co-op, so the process is subject to change.

To apply, artists and creators must be local to Central Florida (preferably the Orlando area), and must have a viewable portfolio of some sort (social media counts). We’re also looking for creators to bring something new and exciting to our space, and may sometimes deny applicants because their style is too similar to one of our current members; this doesn’t mean you can’t apply again in the future!

Overall product presentation is taken into consideration at the time of application, which may include packaging, branding, and overall style.


Don’t see your question? Contact us at info@and33s.com, or give us a call during business hours.