The Artist Behind Our Mural: Meet Alfredo

Mural by Alfredo Majuri Vargas

Perhaps the first thing customers notice when they walk inside Andee's is the great big, colorful mural painted across the wall. The mural shows a diverse group of happy people creating and mingling outside an acrylic rendition of the real store, illustrating that Andee's is a place for all.

So who is the artist behind the mural? Alfredo Majuri Vargas is a professional stage artist and muralist who works for one of the city's main theme parks. Alfredo is originally from Puerto Rico, but has been living in Central Florida since 2004. 


You also may have seen Alfredo's work online this past December--his Moana-inspired Christmas tree went viral, and was covered by the Orlando Sentinel.



Interested in a mural by Alfredo? Click here to visit his profile, or call Andee's for more details!