Featured Artist: William Aponte

Imagiterrium- noun - Charming glass terrariums created by William Aponte containing popular characters across different entertainment genres.


If you haven't had a chance to look at William's awesome collection of Imagiterriums, we suggest you take a moment now to click through the slideshow above first. This week, we asked our Featured Artist a few questions, take a look: 


Andee's: So what inspired you to start creating Imagiterriums? 

William: I needed something to do that would relax me more than it would stress me out. I tried crocheting, but it wasn't my thing. 


A: And how long have you been making Imagiterriums?

W: I started making them about two years ago when I was in Arizona. 


A: What inspires you to create?

W: The Force.


A: Nice! So besides making Imagiterriums, what do you do for a living?

W: I work in the hospitality field.


A: And how long have you been living in Florida?

W: 9 exciting months!


A: What kinds of projects do you hope to do more of in the future? 

W: I'd like to make more video game related Imagiterriums. Right now, I'm working on a 'God of War' Imagiterrium.


A: Exciting! Finally, what's your favorite animated TV show or movie?

W: 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars', of course!


Visit William's artist profile to see more of his creations, or to place a custom order! Have questions for William? Leave a comment below!