Meet the Artist: Joshua Astrowsky

Happy November, Scorpios! It’s a new month, which means a new Featured Artist at Andee’s! This month we’re highlighting the jewelry of local creator Joshua Astrowsky, who’s currently the youngest artist in our collective. Joshua creates beautiful Tree of Life necklaces wrapped in sterling silver, which are 10% off all throughout November.

We caught up with Joshua to learn more about what inspires him to create, what he does for fun, and his favorite places around Orlando.

A: When did you start making jewelry and what inspired you to start creating?

J: I have always been into creating art in various mediums. I am 15 now, but I started designing and creating jewelry when I was 10 years old. What inspired me was my fascination with nature and the mystics of the elements. Being the Featured Artist in November is great because it is close to the holidays and is my birthday month.

A: Can you tell us a little bit about the Tree of Life and what it means to you as an artist? Why were you drawn to the symbol?

J: The Tree of Life is present in many cultures around the world. I back this up by making the trees with different colors, minerals, and beads from various regions & cultures around the world. The Tree of Life is a symbol of the life of people, plants, and animals. It shows how people in different cultures worshiped the tree. Even though they are different, they come together spiritually in harmony with one another.  

A: When you’re not making jewelry, what do you like to do in your free time?

J: I like to make art in different mediums, but I also enjoy: reading, writing songs, collecting coins, traveling, exercising, investing (in my own knowledge), playing games (inside and outside), watching TV, volunteering, studying new languages (Spanish and Japanese), astronomy, and trying to create the next new product that will change the world.

Joshua holding one of his creations.

A: Are you working on anything new at the moment you can tell us about?

J: I’m currently experimenting with different designs and techniques in creating new jewelry designs. I am also working on starting a new company.

A: Nice! What kind of company?

J: It would be a paper company that makes cards, inspirational quotes, and other paper products. I already have the perfect name in mind.

A: What are your plans after you’re done with school? What’s the dream?

J: My plan after high school is to go to college with a major in genetics and minor in art and design. Becoming a genetics scientist would be my main focus. But, on the side, I want to be an artist and a designer. And, if I have time, an antiques/coin dealer.

A few of Joshua’s Tree of Life Necklaces. Buy one online or in store at Andee’s!

A few of Joshua’s Tree of Life Necklaces. Buy one online or in store at Andee’s!

A: If you could invite one famous artist/creator (dead or alive) to dinner, who would it be?

J: I would invite Vincent Van Gogh to dinner with me, because he pushed forth a movement of impressionism. At the time, he was discriminated upon, but now he’s worshiped as the god of art. I have also seen many of his works in museums around the world.

A: Fun fact about yourself?

J: Since middle school, I’ve gotten a scholarship to go to Colorado College and take coin classes for a week during the summer—three years in a row. I get to fly there and stay on the campus and take numismatic related classes. And it is all paid for with my scholarship.

A: What’s your favorite place to hang out or visit in Orlando?

J: My favorite place to hangout in Orlando would have to be Winter Park. I go there a lot, mainly on the weekends. There’s the Morse Museum, which hosts my favorite jewelry designer, and there are many galleries and outdoor cafes. You can hangout and watch the trains and the animals pass by. Now it’s getting cooler out, and it’s the perfect time to go.

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art in Winter Park, FL.

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art in Winter Park, FL.

A: If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?

J: I would have the ability to go back in time to see events in times past, so we would learn from our mistakes and be able to fix them. This would be helpful because we would be able to fix our mistakes so they won’t repeat, such as the extinction of many, poor species that died because of us. That’s why we have to buy local products to help the environment!

Check out all of Joshua’s Tree of Life necklace on his artist profile. They make great holiday gifts, and are 10% off for the month of November. Just use promo code FEATURED online to save!