Meet the Artist: Carley Scott

This month, our Featured Artist is Carley Scott. Inspired by tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, Carley makes unique jewelry using polyhedral dice. Read on to learn more about Carley and their jewelry!

Hello, I’m Carley! I use they/them pronouns, and I was born and raised here in Florida, first in Miami and then all over the Orlando area. Apart from jewelry, I’m an author and a freelance editor— you can find my website at I got into the tabletop games that inspire my jewelry in 2016. A friend said, “come be in my Pathfinder for noobs game,” so I asked if I could kill my character off if I wasn’t having fun, and I fell in love instantly. 

Carley modeling their new polyhedral dice barrette.

Tell us about your Etsy shop. How did you get started making and selling jewelry?

I started my store in May of 2017. I had seen mini dice advertised as being great to make jewelry with, and someone suggested I could drill a hole into a d20 (that’s what we call a die with twenty sides) and mount a screw nail inside to make a necklace. It was off to the races immediately! I’d always kind of wanted to make jewelry, but never quite found the aesthetic I wanted to chase, until that moment. 

Originally it was called Nerd Out Jewelry, which was fine, but kinda generic. But I’ve always made everything so the high roll faces out, the idea being that this gives your dice in a game an example to emulate (we gamers get real weird about our dice superstitions). When a friend came to help me sell at Megacon Orlando this year, she ran with this and added that we were running a charm school for your dice. Thus, Dice Charm School was born. The connection to charm bracelets and such occurred to me later, so it’s perfect.

Carley’s booth at our September 2018 Outdoor Art Expo.

What’s your favorite piece that you’ve created so far?

There are a few! I have a teal, gold, and off-white necklace with a glow-in-the-dark d6 die that I really love. There’s also a short necklace with two glow orange d10s that I made to use a bunch of leftover beads, but it’s sunset colors and it’s gorgeous. I also love the DnD class bracelets I did that Andee’s has in the store right now. Ooh, and the raven skull jewelry set! There’s just too many things!

What inspires you to create when you’re feeling stuck?

This is basically why I do so many different things. I have ADHD, so feeling stuck is definitely something I know, but I also can’t let it get to me. For me, there’s no such thing as writers or artists block. If one project isn’t working, I move on to another one I’ve got going on, or if that’s not possible, you just have to be willing to create crap until you’ve worked the block out and then the good stuff will flow again. You can’t wait for the muse to show up for work because let me tell you, she is a flaky bitch. You have to be willing to work at art. A lot of writers block, in my experience, is either fear or boredom. 

More of Carley’s jewelry from their booth at the September 2018 Outdoor Art Expo.

Do you have any advice for people who have just started to make their own jewelry?

Get a work light! A daylight-color work light is ideal but honestly, a desk lamp is fine as long as you can adjust the angle. Jewelry is small, precision work, even if you’re just tying bracelets with beads and elastic string. Even if you don’t wear glasses like me, I cannot express how much easier a work light makes everything. 

For more of Carley’s work, visit their artist profile here. Remember, you can save 10% on all of Carley’s jewelry this month with promo code FEATURED. Just enter it during checkout to save!