Featured Artist: Ty Morganelli


Ty Morganelli’s Featured Artist interview with Andee’s. 1/30/2019.


Some people see trash when they come across a beat up dresser curbside. Ty sees a blank canvas begging for a little TLC, an abbreviation that she’s adopted as the name of her thriving furniture-upcycling business.

A true local, Ty was born and raised in Orlando, and has been adding a pop of color to its interiors ever since. For years, Ty’s reimagined furniture in all shapes and conditions, preferring bold hues and vibrant patterns to the standard neutrals that are so omnipresent in home decor magazines and chain stores today.

But it wasn’t until last year that Ty started refinishing full-time, a career move spurred by her decision to care for her aging father. Despite working from home, Ty grinds harder than many nine-to-fivers, regularly waking up before dawn to get started on her next project. Often times, Ty will drop by the store shortly after we open at 10 am, a day’s work nearly finished before I’ve had my first cup of coffee.

When it comes to materials, Ty is a self-proclaimed thrift store junkie, seeking low-cost and—even better—free pieces with which she can work her magic. Her affinity for resale brought her to Andee’s last summer, where she proclaimed, “This isn’t a thrift shop.” Recognizing a unique business opportunity, Ty started selling her creations at Andee’s in late July, and almost instantly became one of our top furniture sellers.

Straying from pressed wood and other "temporary furniture,” Ty is drawn to the beauty of vintage pieces especially mid-century modern furniture.

“I don’t want to see it go to the landfill. I want it to be stuff that’s going to last, that people are going to appreciate for a really, really long time. It would be really cool if they even passed it down, and it would be around after me.”

Her advice for aspiring artists and upcyclers? “Never be afraid to try.”

Check out more of Ty’s work on her artist profile, or follow her on Instagram at @call_me_tlc. Click here to see what’s available at Andee’s, or contact us directly for information on getting a custom piece of furniture by Ty. Ty’s furniture is 10% off until February 8th with our Featured Artist Deal! Use promo code FEATURED when you shop online.

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