Building a Bed: Our First Big Project

Unless you've been living under a rock (or if you haven't visited the shop), you know that Andee's isn't just a thrift store. Oh no, honey, we do so much more!

In fact, when we aren't treasure-hunting or recruiting new artists, we build custom furniture from scratch. Looking for a specific piece, but can't seem to find it anywhere? We'll whip up a design, and if you love it, we'll build it for you! 

Recently, we did just that for a lovely couple who stumbled upon our store while looking for furniture to fill their new home. They showed us a few pictures of pieces they'd seen online, told us what they'd like to tweak, what materials they wanted, etc. etc. After some design-magic, they gave us the green-light, and our team got to work.

The first piece we created for this couple was a customized king-size bed complete with built-in storage drawers underneath. It was quite the process, but with the right tools and a LOT of elbow grease, our team of experts made the bed, delivered it to their home, and put it all together. 

Here's the end result:

Not bad for a thrift store, eh? Visit our custom furniture gallery here or on Facebook to see more examples of our work! 

So, what can we create for you