6 Queer Artists in Orlando You Should Know About

Come Out With Pride Parade, Orlando 2018. Photo taken by Lydia Heinlen.

Come Out With Pride Parade, Orlando 2018. Photo taken by Lydia Heinlen.


Happy Pride Month, friends!

June (and every month, really) is a great time to honor and celebrate the brave activists who risked it all and paved the road to a better future for LGBTQ+ folks. We’re so fortunate to enjoy the freedoms we do today, but recognize our work is far from finished.

This June, we’re highlighting the talented queer artists in our collective. A portion of their sales this month will be donated to support local LGBTQ+ youth initiatives.

Let’s meet the artists!


Jessica McRory - She/Her

Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Peachy Glitter Icon

Jessica is a longtime artist and UCF alum who identifies as bisexual. “I haven’t really ever been outspoken about my orientation, but the older I get the more I want to be 110% open with the world about who I am. My work has always really focused on feminine themes and women, which is something that I am so proud of! I honestly had people in college tell me that my work should be more ‘offensive’ because it’s too soft and glittery. They’re obviously wrong (lol,) but it reminds me of how much I hope that people can find comfort and warmth in [my art] and appreciate both soft and powerful glittery feminine subject matter.”

—> Browse Jessica’s items here


Arden Whiteside - She/Her

Art Student & Aspiring Tattoo Artist

One of Andee’s newer artists, Arden “loves to draw animals and pretty girls!” and identifies herself as a queer lesbian. “As a young queer person, it is so empowering to be given this platform to share my art. I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by other LGBTQ+ artists, and I'm so excited to see more from the other queer artists at the shop!” Arden designed the flyers for our recent Art Expo, and is now accepting commissions.

—> Browse Arden’s items here


Keira Christman - She/Her

Body Positive Model, Bath Bomb Artist, & Auto Tech Expert

“I'm in a relationship with a man, but I'm still bi/pan.  I love diet coke, pizza, and being naked. I plan on making pride bath bombs for this month, so stay tuned! Also, I'm really weird.”

—> Browse Keira’s creations here


Carley Scott - They/Them

Writer & Crafter

Carley is a big gay nerd, so they make lots of stuff for other gays, nerds, and gay nerds. This includes their jewelry in Dice Charm School, and their writing (which can be found at se-scott.com). They are secretly a goblin who never sleeps, and is in constant need of Red Bull.

—> Browse Carley’s items here


Dennis Romero - They/Them

INFJ Artist

Dennis is a non-binary artist specializing in caricature, which they do at Disney. Dennis will be at Kissimmee Pride Saturday, June 8th, so stop by and show some love.

—> Browse Dennis’s art here


Kenneth Hardy - He/Him

Andee’s Owner/CEO & Wooden Golem Extraordinaire

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” I am the proprietor of Andee’s and a gay man. I am somewhat stoic and can at times find it difficult to be as vibrant and boisterous outwardly as I feel inside. I have always found art to be the best way for me to be flashy. Mainly because I can do it alone 😅.

Browse Kenneth’s creations here, or schedule a consultation to see what he can create just for you.



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