Introducing Andee's New Co-op


We have some exciting news:

Andee’s is officially becoming a cooperative!

So what is a cooperative, and why is it important? Who is Andee?? And what’s the Krabby Patty Secret Formula??? Let’s break it down…


What’s a co-op?

“Co-op” is short for cooperative, which really says it all: the business is a cooperative effort rather than a single person’s business venture. In some cooperatives, members pay monthly dues to sell their goods and/or services in the co-op space. Members might also pay a consignment percentage on their sales. Members are typically required to work a certain number of hours in exchange for additional perks, like lower rates or waived membership dues.

So why is the change important? Being a co-op member comes with a ton of perks, like a vote in all major business matters, and comes with more control over how the space is used, from special events to displays and more. The space is yours to share collectively.

Another benefit? Profit sharing. Once the bills are paid and the employees get their direct deposits, the remaining profits are split among the members and the owner(s). So on top of whatever you make in sales during the month, you’d receive another check each month.

Who can join the co-op?

Anyone can join the co-op! All artists, creators, collectors, and curators are welcome to take our questionnaire, and eventually the co-op will approve new members rather than Andee’s staff.

Our aesthetic is much different than other stores of our ilk, so with that in mind, we hope to attract more weird, wonderful, oddball types to stock our shelves as we move into our next phase of existence. In terms of curated (consigned) items, we look for unusual, retro, vintage, or antique items you won’t find anywhere else.

How will the co-op function?

Since opening in 2017, we’ve worked with dozens of fantastic artists, creators, and curators. They’ve all been invited to join our new members to form the cooperative, and are welcome to continue working with us on a monthly basis in the meantime. Several current (and new!) members have already signed up for the co-op, which we introduced over a series of small group meetings at the shop.

Currently, Andee’s is operated by the owner and one employee. As Andee’s has grown its product offerings and profile, so has our need for help around the shop. Like the mural in our shop, we envision an Andee’s where members can come to create and share in the responsibilities and benefits of maintaining such a cool, organic space.

Since the idea to become a co-op came from the top, the final bylaws of our co-op will be up to the discretion of its members. However, since we know a thing or two about the business, we’ve put together a set of guidelines to get the co-op started.

Below are our proposed guidelines, along with the responsibilities and benefits of being an Owner or a Member. These terms are subject to approval by the new co-op, and are not final.




The price to become a Member would be a one-time, refundable payment of $50. Each Member signs a contract for 90 days. After 90 days, the Member may remain or resign giving 30 days notice.



Pay monthly membership dues of $50 ($35 for students)*

  • Working members are not required to pay membership dues

  • Monthly dues decrease when Members increase (the more members, the cheaper the dues)

  • Non-working members who’s sales do not exceed $50/mo are subject to a consignment rate increase with waived dues

  • Attend monthly meetings

  • Work 3 hrs/week (or 12 hrs/mo) to ensure the shop’s continued vitality (Members unable to work will pay full membership dues)

    • Tasks include cashiering (important), housekeeping, bookkeeping, item acquisitions, marketing, data entry…There are a lot! Tasks can also be done virtually, so if you live too far to come by once a week, you can work virtually!

    • Tasks are selected BY THE MEMBERS, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with something you hate doing

  • Provide thorough electronic inventory forms of items for display and rotate regularly


  • 40% share of the profits to be split evenly amongst members

  • Vote on issues concerning the store

  • Featured Artist shows (with press release, e-card mailing and notification to local newspapers of Featured Show)

  • Representation on our website/social media with personal artist page + images and links to your personal website.

  • Online sales nationwide

  • Equitable share of space on the floor to display work with control over your own display/marketing if desired

  • Access to monthly and annual business reports

  • Freedom to shape the space as your own

Proposed consignment rates / percentages and how they are affected by work hours are subject to the discretion of the cooperative. We have a table of suggested figures (similar to those we use now, which can be found here), but to avoid confusion we’ve excluded them from this guide for now.


OWNER(S) - 60%

The price to buy-in as an Owner is a one-time, non-refundable payment of $9500. Deferred payment and shared ownership are options, meaning one or twenty members could share ownership. In moving to the next phase of his creative career, founder and current owner Kenneth Hardy plans to stay with Andee’s throughout the entire co-op transition, becoming a Member only once everything has settled.



  • Oversee the business and operations (hiring, bookkeeping, etc.)

  • Schedule/attend/lead monthly meetings

  • Address member concerns

  • Implement changes to operations/policy

  • Represent the business at events to help it grow


  • 60% of company profit

  • No monthly membership dues

  • Deciding vote/votes on decisions

  • Open schedule

When is this happening?

Becoming a co-op takes time. We expect the process to take a few months, but until then it’s business as usual, and potential artists, creators, and curators who wish to sell their goods & services at Andee’s in the meantime are invited to take our questionnaire.

Our next co-op meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 10th at 7 pm. If you plan to be a part of our co-op, this meeting is a MUST. We’ll be reviewing the new consignment agreements, reviewing bylaws, and more.

Make sure you’re on our mailing list! Sign up here to receive updates on our new co-op.

What if I’m not interested in joining the co-op?

No problem! Interested consigners (creators, curators, collectors, etc.) can still take our questionnaire to see if we’d be interested in consignment on a month-by-month basis. Starting mid-October, any consigners who are NOT part of our co-op will be subject to higher consignment rates than in the past (45% for creators/50% for curators).

This is a great option if you just have a few items to sell at once, or if you’re a creator who wants to test the waters without committing to the co-op.

Until we release our new consignment agreements, we are not signing any new agreements with creators on a recurring basis. We will continue to honor outstanding agreements (even those that have expired) until mid-October when we’ve released our new agreements.


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