Meet the Artist: John Hunter

                                 John Hunter's Jimi Hendrix canvas series, available at Andee's.

This week's Featured Artist is John Hunter, a musically inspired creator who works with a diverse range of media to produce colorful, vibrant art that you can almost hear. The movement John captures in his art transports the viewer to a color-saturated front row concert, headlined by musical legends such as Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. Although John didn't start painting until he was well into adulthood, he discovered his love for art through drawing when he was just eight years old. Since then, his goal has been to explore a variety of media, most recently branching out from drawing and painting into shoe design.

                               "The Color of Music" by John Hunter, available in store at Andee's.

Thematically, music clearly plays an important role in John's life and, thus, in his art. "Bob Marley, of course, is an inspiration for me. He was very spiritual, and his music expressed how passionate he was about human rights. Hip-hop has also inspired me through the years--the beats and the lyrics have always moved me."

John isn't the only member of the Hunter family with an artistic inclination; John's teenage daughter Zoi is also a member of the Andee's collective, and is an accomplished professional artist in her own right.  "Zoi and I work on projects together all the time, that's my little Padawan, she calls herself that! [Right now] we're working on shoe designs together." 

                                                           Custom kicks by John Hunter.

See more of John's art by visiting Andee's in store or online, and save 10% for a limited time when you mention our Featured Artist Discount! Visit John's artist profile here, and Zoi's page (you can order a pair of her custom kicks) here.