Artist Portal Help

Are you having trouble with the Artist Portal? Here are some helpful hints and tips to check out before giving us a call.


When you first click on the Artist Portal page, you'll be prompted to enter a password, which is And33sTS . The password is case-sensitive. Once you've entered the password, you'll be redirected to the Artist Portal. To access your sales & inventory page, scroll through the names on the right and click on yours. You'll be asked to enter a second password, which is different from the one you entered to access the main page. This password defaults to 3213 . If you want to change your password, simply email us at or send us a text, and we'll change it for you. Once your password has been changed, we'll send you a confirmation. If you have any issues with passwords or accessing your inventory & sales page, please contact us to let us know!

Inventory & Sales:

You can access your Inventory & Sales page by clicking your name along the right side of the Artist Portal. If you do not see your name listed, please contact us and we will add your name. Once you've clicked your name, you'll be able to access your latest inventory (the most recent one on file) and your sales from the last month. If the information is not there, or is not current, please let us know, as we are currently working to improve this system. 


Need blank copies of our forms and agreements? This is the page for you!


If you are bringing new items to Andee's, please complete a new inventory form and send it to You do not need to list any items you currently have in store, unless you are restocking an item you've sold in the past. If you are using a Mac, download the Numbers Template and select "New Document;" if you are using a PC, or if you prefer to use Excel, download the Excel Template. (If you need CSV for Google Sheets, let us know).

After you've downloaded the blank document, fill out the portion titled "Square-Square" and fill in the boxes that say "fill this in." Dimensions, weight, and descriptions are all required, as we use these for online sales. You can ignore the columns with Y or N in them, as well as the "stock alert" columns. 

If you wish to opt out and would like the staff to manage your inventory documents, you must update your consignment agreement to indicate this change. If you choose to opt out, your consignment rate will increase to 40% for in store sales/55% for online sales

After you complete your inventory document, save it as Your Name Inventory MM-DD-YY and send it to


This page is still under construction, and will eventually have more information :)