Artist Portal Help


When you navigate to the Artist Portal, you'll be prompted to enter a password, which is And33sTS . The password is case-sensitive. Once you entered the password, you'll be redirected to the Artist Portal.

The password for your Inventory & Sales page is different from the main password. The default password is 3213 . To request a password change, fill out the form on the Inventory & Sales page. Once your password has been changed, we'll send you a confirmation email.

Inventory & Sales

To access Inventory & Sales, click the link on the Artist Portal, then find your name on the list and click on it. If you do not see your name, please let us know so we can add it.

On the right side of your I&S page is your personal Inventory Form. Complete the form for each new item you’d like to add to your inventory. If you are having trouble loading the Inventory Form, try loading the website in another browser (Chrome and Safari work best). You do not need to submit pictures through the picture form, but it helps us keep track of our internal inventory. To submit pictures, you’ll need to create a Gmail account.

To see your past item submissions using the form, click the “past submissions” button. The current inventory button will take you to your category on the online store. The online store updates randomly every couple days.

To view your monthly sales reports, click the “Sales” button. You shouldn’t need a Gmail account to view your report, but if it says you need to request permission, click “Request Permission.” Sales are updated the first week of every month with last month’s sales.


Need blank copies of our forms and agreements? Check the documents page! For copies of your signed agreements, contact us for a scanned copy.

Saving paper is cool! Each time your consignment period ends and you’re eligible for renewal, you’ll be sent a blank consignment agreement via the website You’ll receive an email from SignNow that says “ has requested your signature.” Click the link, and you’ll be asked to create an account with SignNow. Create an account, and after you’re finished you can renew the agreement. The fields you need to fill in will be highlighted. Once you’ve filled in each field, you can submit the document.

There are two clauses that require something to submit the document; one regarding inventory form completion, and the other regarding online sales. If you do NOT want to opt out, simply put N/A instead of your initials to complete the form.


To sign up for a volunteer shift at Andee’s, fill out the form on the right side of the page under “Volunteer.” You’ll receive a confirmation email once your shift has been scheduled, and a member of our staff will contact you with more information about your shift. If you do not meet a threshold for consignment rate reduction in a given month (ex., you volunteered for 8 hours instead of 10), you can choose to roll those hours over into the next month.

There are so many things you can do to help us out that count as volunteer hours, and we could use a little extra help from time to time. Bring in your family or close friends for double the hours!

Didn’t answer your question? Call us or send an email and we’ll do our best to help!